Collect your dragons, breed them and get amazing ShineMysticBirds

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Create dragons

Customize, get unique random dragons and create your own collection. It costs 0.05 BNB to create a dragon and every user can create up to 5 generation zero dragons!

Breed your dragons!
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Choose your dad and mom dragons to breed, mix their DNA and get a completely random color or attribute from their ancestors!

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Collect as many dragons as you want and check out their information to see each of your dragons DNA, Generation and more! In your gallery you can also view or remove your offers.

Check out your gallery!
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Use your BNB to buy & sell all kinds of ShineMysticBirds Tokens and earn in a fully decentralized marketplace! To make sure that no hackers can intercept the users funds, when your dragon is sold your funds are not directly sent your account, your funds can be withdrawn in your gallery.

Buy & sell dragons!